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Is Democracy to blame? Mar. 20th, 2004 @ 02:37 am
I really just have a semi-short opinion to post here.  I really just can't stand the way people are blaming the Spanish people for fostering terrorism.  Say what you want about the terrorists commiting a completely horrible act, about the newly elected socialist leader being easy on terrists and abandoning his U.S. allies too hastily.  But, under no circumstances should anyone blame the general Spanish electorite for voting for the leader who most closely matches their sentiments.  The Spanish people are scared and they voted for the one who they believe will most likely keep the terrorists out of their country. 

I'm sorry, but if you have a Democratic society, then you have to sometimes realize that it really is the people who control the direction of the country rather than just the politicians and sometimes the actions of the people can speak louder than the politicians.  And before anyone calls me a hypocrite, I have this to say.  Yes, I am considering that the terrorists made a big influence on the election, but I do think that people inflate that influence.  The socialist candidate would not have won if he did not have at least a pretty hefty following to begin with.  But the conservative-biased media makes it sound like the Populist part was going to win by a landslide had it not been for the terrorist bombings.  Well, that just isn't true.  It's what you call "spin".  It's an almost lie.  One that can't really be disproven.  Also, it's good to remember that the current government basically lied outright to the people about who was responsible for the bombings.  They gambled on the assumption that no one would find out that Al Qaeda was behind the attacks until after the election.  They lost their gamble. 

In short, there are many people to blame here if you want to play the blame-game.  But please, don't blame Democracy.  Doing that just makes us look dumb.
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Sunday Morning Musings Mar. 7th, 2004 @ 01:12 pm
Well, I got up this morning and had a desire to read about the teachings of Jesus.  I've been wanting to do this for a while.  I decided to look up a website that summarizes the teachings of Jesus for me.  http://www.lifeofchrist.com was one of the first sites to come up on Google.  I started reading the Sermon on the Mount.   As I was studying his words I felt that I should be making notes of my thoughts.  I've decided to post these thoughts for several reasons.  One is to try and help people to understand me and my beliefs better.  Two is because of a passage I read in the sermon I interpreted as commanding us to be more active in spreading his word, which I have not been for a long time.  And three to encourage all Christians to do the same thing.  I would also like to encourage non-Christians to do this.  People who are not Christian judge us by the actions of our members, not the teachings of Christ.  This puts people off and makes them want to turn away and live their own lives.  But I think that if people really understand what Christ teaches, they may want to live by his rules because the words are good and just even if they do not necessarily believe in the religion.

Now the disclaimers!  These are my opinions.  I'm not telling anyone they should interpret the Lord's words in the same manner as I have.  I doubt that anyone will :)  I've picked out most passages from the  sermon to discuss but not all.  I have commented on the ones that I feel are important to me.  I haven't decided yet if all passages are to be taken equally.  However, I definitely DO NOT believe that you should pick your favorite few passages and focus on those to the exclusion of all others (*cough* gay marriage).  But some of them seemed to speak to me more than others or applied to my life better.  Also, I've been in political mode lately, so some of my interpretations have my political take on the subject.  Also, feel free to comment, rebut, or persecute.  After reading this sermon I have learned that I shouldn't be afraid of such things.  I believe that God encourages debate :)  Lastly, if you think that you might follow my advice and write down your thoughts on Jesus's teachings, maybe you should do that before reading mine because I wouldn't want to you to be influenced by my beliefs and discouraged from coming up with your own.

Now on to my interpretation of the Sermon on the MountCollapse )
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Birth Days and Movie Reviews Mar. 6th, 2004 @ 11:44 pm
Well, this week I had my 26th birthday.  It was a pretty good birthday.  Of course it will be hard to top last year's bday.  All my friends came out from their respective lives to come and see me, which was amazing.  This year it was just the folks from around here.  It was still fun.  We had quesadillas and watched some TV with the Rhodes's on Wednesday.  Today we went to VAU.  Rich from work also showed up.  We had pizza and Ice Cream cake from Marble Slab Creamery.  It was especially yummy :)  We played a few games and I think everybody had a good time. 

Yesterday, I took the day off and we went to the Angelika theater in Dallas to see  a couple movies.  We didn't have a specific movie picked out to see, but we just went out there and decided what to see when we got there. 

The first movie we saw was 21 grams.  Which doesn't actually refer to drugs like I thought :)  All in all I have to say it was a really great movie.  It's one of those semi-non sequential movies.  There is a story that goes on and you learn the facts out of order, but you don't see the end until the end of the movie, so it's not like memento, for instance, but not like your normal movie.  So get ready for something a little different from the norm, but not so different that you're lost the entire time :)  It's really hard to talk about things that happen in the movie without giving anything away.   I don't really want to write a synopsis  of the movie; you can get that from just about any movie site out there.  What surprised me about this movie is that the theme is really all about emotions.  I don't me that it was all sappy, but there's alot of scenes where you really start to empathize with the characters even as they make bad decisions.  Of course this goes back the black and white or grey discussion that always seems to pop up anywhere you  look hard enough.  People who like cookie cutter characters and who don't want to watch without actually thinking won't like this movie.  But most people can meet those requirements, they just have to be in the right mood.  Really, I wish this movie had been more successful than it was, but I think it comes back to the "Movie with requirements" problem I just mentioned.  I have to give it an 8 out of 10.

The next movie we saw was Love Object.  I think I actaully do have to give a description for this movie.  It is definitely a more obscure movie than 21 grams.  In fact, I hadn't heard of it before going out the theater yesterday.  This is one of those movies that you start watching it and laugh and are only slightly disturbed, but by the end your eyes are bulging and your mouth is hanging open and you just stare at the credits going by.  The movie is about  a  guy named Kenneth who is extremely awkward around women and really has little interest in them, until he meets his new assistant, Lisa, and is attracted to her.  Oddly, he never expected this sort of situation to enter into his very controlled life that he lives strictly by the rules that he gets from the various instruction manuals that he reads and writes.  Coincidentally, a coworker shows him a postcard (?) that's really an advertisement for a high end sex doll.  The dolls for the movie are provided by realdoll.com of course.  He buys the sex doll and apparently buys it in a drunken stuper, without the alcohol strangely enough.  After it's delivered, he uses it to practice his social skills and actually becomes quite good at them.  Things go well with Kenneth and Lisa for a while then take a turn for the worst.  The movies has some really good parts, but I have already seen first hand how it can also disturb.  I think that it's because the characters actually behave out of character in a few key places which makes the movies switch from a dark comedy to a much darker horror film in the last 25 minutes or so.  This was designed to shock the audience rather than actually progressing the story as it would have in normal situations.  Because of these out of character moments, I think I can't give the movie a high score in terms of quality.  However, I'm going to score it in two ways.  Quality 6/10.  Must-see value 8/10  (if you aren't averse to seeing movies that deal with sexual situations or with some light, but disturbing gore.)  Yes, that's a lot of ifs, but if you meet them, you should see this movie, otherwise don't.

Anyway, that's about all I can stand to talk about right now :)  I hope you have a good night.
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Snow/Valentine's Day Update Feb. 14th, 2004 @ 08:44 pm
Well, well... it never snows in Texas. Except for on Valentine's day apparently. We woke up this morning with 3 inches on the ground. And big snowflakes fell all day. In fact they're still falling! Of course by noon, the temperature was above freezing and it's been melting all day. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and we got some pictures.

Well, today was also Valentine's day. If you go to my wife's live journal page, you'll see what we did yesterday. I had a great time, and I think she did too. We spent all day today at our best friends' house next door. We played in the snow and they made us steak diner :) Of course, we ate chicken breast because we try not to eat red meat and everything but it was fun anyway... Don't look at me like that... I know that look. I am still an American, dammit! Why does everyone care what I eat, what TV shows I watch, what sports I like, and what my religeon is!!!! I am my own person and I am tired of being judged on these criteria that don't make a bit of difference on how good of a person you are and whether you are productive in society!
</end pollitical rant> (Well, after writing the rest of this post, I realize it's just the beginning, but I left this in because I think it's slightly amusing :) )

In other news, a lot has happened since my last post. I took the online political compass test. The results aren't very surprising...I'm quite moderate. Big surprise there. I am slightly to the left on economic issues. Mainly because I don't trust corporations to govern themselves much. What was surprising is that nearly all of the Democratic candidates are in the upper/right (Republican) category. Of course they are much more moderate than Bush. In fact, only two of them were on liberal side, Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich. (I mean really, even if he were a perfect candidate, Kucinich is too hard to spell for him to really be our president.)

More political ranting...Collapse )
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First Post Feb. 2nd, 2004 @ 10:11 pm
Well this is my first Live Journal post. Sigh.... I guess most journals start out like that. I'd hoped to have a grand and unique journal that would become instantly popular and people would soon start celebrating my birthday as a national holiday. But the truth is that I am a little too apathetic right now to be very ground-breaking and interesting.

To tell the truth I haven't even bothered filling out my bio yet or any of that stuff. So right now, other than this post, this is pretty much "Live Journal Generic Page". Hey maybe that's a good name, but really probably not. But I guess it will do for now. You should probably look back here for actual ground breaking and interesting content soon. Until then, remember ... "If only we were all wiener dogs, our problems will be solved!"

Speaking of wieners, that reminds me. I just watched the www.moviewienerorwinner.com (you don't really need the "www") episode of Home Movies, and yes it is a real web site. In fact it's the same website that they show in the episode. That's hillarious...
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